Marketing Center

Jusen motivated by mold, automatic, IE and manufacturing information technology, continuous improve efficiency, quality and costing, keep developing the intelligent manufacturing and lean operation level, make new design to achieve the competitive advantage. 


Professional producing the smooth and quiet high-end soft close hinge

人才实力talent strength

Jusen has over 200 people R&D engineer team, is one of the biggest R&D center in China hardware industry. All the top management and engineer leaders are from world top 500 enterprises like Foxconn or Midea.

产能实力capacity strength

Workshop area over 50,000㎡, monthly capacity is up to 20 million pcs


Development Strength

With 16 years precise hardware product R&D experience, strong engineer manpower team, advance equitment and fluent procedure, Jusen is National Hardware Standard drafting unit. 

技术实力technology strength

Jusen has strong ability developing precise mold, advance intelligent automatic technic developed power also, is leading hinge ODM manufacturer in China.

专利实力patent strength

Jusen has 11 National Invention Patent, 43 utility model patent, with most advanced technic in precise hardware industry.

品质实力Quality strength

Jusen has outstanding quality control ability and a lot international quality certificates. Accordingly to SGS, which is international authoritative organization,  Jusen’s soft close hinge can pass cycle test 100,000 times, means can be used within 130 years. 

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